I Used These 3 Rules When Registering a Domain Name and Never Had an Issue

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is important the domain name of their website is. Since it is the first thing that your customers see, it is basically the first impression that anyone will get of not only your website, but also of your business. So if you are in the process of coming up with a domain name to register, then here are three things we suggest you consider before you proceed with the registration.

Short and Sweet

It is a little known fact that you can actually use up to 65 letters when creating a domain name, however doing this is something we strongly oppose. The simpler, the better is way we look at it, and it is our recommendation for you to use up to 15 letters maximum. There is no point of creating a domain name that is short if it’s difficult to spell, so we also recommend that you avoid slang and try to register a domain name that is easy to spell so as to make it easier for customers to remember.

Letters Only

Unless you have a real need for using any of these, then we strongly suggest that you avoid them since they have been known to cause a lot of confusion amongst customers. If you use a hyphen, then there may be confusion as to where the hyphen itself goes in the domain name you have registered, while the numbers might confuse people whether they should be spelled out or put down as a numeral. When it comes to using abbreviations, customers might find it really hard to figure out what that abbreviation might be. If your business name requires you to use some of these things then go for it, otherwise avoid them.

Don’t Include Trademarks

Something that a lot of people forget to do before they register their domain name is to check whether the name they have chosen has been trademarked, copyrighted or is being used by another company at the same time. This could lead to law suits and to you having to pay lots of money on legal fees. You may also be required to give the domain name up completely, which means you will lose the money you paid for it. If all of this is something you want to avoid, then definitely check the domain name before you register it.

If you follow these tips, then we are confident you won’t have any problems when coming up with the perfect domain name for you to register. Remember to try to make it as creative and unique as possible, while also keeping it easy to remember and having it represent your brand in the best light it can.

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