How a Professional Website Owner Would Register a Perfect Domain Name – Explained

Registering the perfect domain name is one of the most important, but also potentially the most difficult task you will have when you finally decide to create your website. And whether it is a personal or travel blog, or a website for your business or online store, there are a few things you need to take into consideration like making sure that the domain name is creative, unique and especially that it represents your website in the best light possible. Since these things can sometimes be hard to achieve, here are four tips that are guaranteed to help you when registering your domain name.

Simplicity is key

Coming up with a domain name that is creative and unique doesn’t necessarily mean that is also needs to be complicated. In fact, when it comes to registering domain names, the simpler the better. Try to keep the name short and avoid using any words that you think customers might find difficult to spell or any slang, since spelling can cause a problem there as well. Also, try avoiding hyphens and numbers since they have been known to cause a lot of confusion when it comes to their placement.

Keyword help

The best way to help your site is to help your customers by giving them multiple ways to reach your website. When registering your domain name, try using keywords that you think describe your business or brand, or even better, keywords that you think your customers associate with your business or brand. By adding these keywords, you are also ensuring that your website regularly pops up in the popular searches of the most popular search engines which automatically means that your website will get more exposure.

Target your area

There is nothing better than knowing your customers and that is especially important when it comes to registering a domain name. If you are someone that is running a business that is considered to be a “local business” and you are aware that this is how your customers look at it, then it is a very good idea to include your city or state in your domain name to make sure that your customers recognize it when searching for it online. This will also help you reach other people in the same area looking for your type of business.

Use a .com extension

The .com extension is the oldest one out there and because of that it is the most recognizable, which is why we are suggesting you use it. This makes customers get the impression that it is a real website, since most other extensions often give the opposite impression, that the website may be a fake or a spam website, and neither of these things can help your business.

Hopefully these few simple tips have made you realise that this daunting task may not be as difficult as you may have previously thought. Our last tip would probably be to just make sure that whichever tips you choose to follow or ignore, register the domain name that you think suits your business the best.

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